This year mare classifications will be done mainly (if not all) by video. This classification allows your mare, if she qualifies, to enter the Hanoverian or Rhineland studbook.
If you have a 3yo or older mare that was registered Hanoverian as a foal, she will need to be classified into the Main Studbook so her foals can be registered as Hanoverian.
If you have a mare that is registered with another approved society (such as Anglo, Thoroughbred, AWHA, etc) but qualifies to be approved Hanoverian or Rhineland, the mare classification is what you need to do in order to register her foals as Hanoverian or Rhineland.
Additionally, if you have a mare that was never registered as a foal, but her dam and sire are Hanoverian or Rhineland, you can also complete the registration and mare classification to enter her into the appropriate studbook.

Please find the video format for Mare Classification here. There are further instructions in the video description.

The Application for mare classification through the HHSA can be found here

If you have any questions as to if your mare is eligible, please contact the registrar