As a breeder, registering your stock is incredibly important. By Registering your foals Hanoverian or Rhineland you will:

  • Have a verified record of Age of your horse
  • Have a verified record of breeding of your horse as all foals must be DNA tested to sire and dam
  • Have an identification document for your horse: All foals must be either microchipped or branded for identification (branding is NOT required), and identifying markings must be done by a vet or the trained HHSA Team on tour
  • Receive a passport for your horse from the HHSA an Australian-Based WBFSH recognised breed society that also serves as an FEI approved passport

What sets the HHSA apart from other Warmblood Registries?

  • The Hanoverian Horse is a breed over 270 years old that has been developed for excellence in sport over this time.
  • Hanoverian Horses have champions in all Olympic disciplines and are known for their temperament and trainability.
  • The HHSA is one of only a few direct daughter societies of the German Hanoverian Verband. At the current time, it is the only Australian daughter society of a European Warmblood Studbook available to breeders in Australia.
  • The HHSA follows specific Breeding Guidelines as set out by the Hanover Verband. These breeding guidelines promote the breeding of quality individuals in order to progress the breed at a high standard.
  • The breeding guidelines include that only Hanoverian Licensed and Performance Tested or Hanoverian Approved Stallions from other studbooks can be used. Using Stallions that have been licensed and performance tested means they have passed rigorous exams in order to prove they are suitable as a breeding and performance stallion. Other Warmblood registries in Australia do not require that stallions be licensed or performance tested.
  • All mares that wish to have their foals registered as Hanoverian or Rhineland must be inspected at 3yo or older for entry into the Mare Book. This sets a quality standard for Hanoverian and Rhineland mares. Mare inspection is not a requirement for any other Warmblood Registry in Australia.
  • HHSA has recently launched their own VIT Stallion Directory for Australian based, Licensed Hanoverian stallions so we can help promote these stallions on the same level as Internationally based stallions

All of these points are made to ensure that Hanoverian and Rhineland horses remain in line with quality standards set in Europe and around the world and maintain an excellent reputation amongst breeders and riders. Value and prestige are added to your Hanoverian breeding stock and foals.

Gold Medal Foals

The Gold Medal Foal program is offered by Hannoveraner International, the organization for Hanoverian societies outside of Germany. Foals with a dressage pedigree require a score of 8.0 or higher when judged on type, conformation and basic gaits of walk and trot. Foals with a jumping pedigree are judged on conformation, limbs, basic gaits and quality of jumping pedigree.

This is not a foal competition but an independent international award for high-quality foals. Judges will internally score foals at the inspection to determine top dressage foals and jumping foals.

Hanoverian Horses