Stallion Licensing

The licensing is one of the two necessary prerequisites for a stallion to become fully approved for breeding. In Australia, stallions are licensed in hand and under saddle at the age of three to five years old.

Evaluation criteria are conformation, basic gaits, scope and shown under the rider in the basic gaits. Jumping stallions must also complete and age-appropriate jump under the rider.

Pedigree Requirements

All stallions must meet pedigree requirements and achieve an overall score of at least 7.5

The sire and the dams’ sires must be registered for 6 generations in Stallion Book 1/Stallion Book 1b or in a division of a studbook of an approved breed corresponding to Stallion Book
1. In addition the dam and granddam must be registered in the main studbook.


Veterinary Examination

A clinical examination of the stallion is a pre-requisite, to be received prior to licensing. X-rays are also a pre-requisite and must be carried out according to FN protocals and will be reviewed by the Verband veterinarian prior to licensing.

WFFS Laboratory results are mandatory for licensing and will be recorded if the stallion is licensed. If you have any questions, please contact HHSA using the form below or email the Registrar