Mare Classification

In order to maintain a high standard of breeding stock in line with that of Europe, every mare that is to be used for breeding must be assessed and entered into the Hanoverian or Rhineland studbook.
During the Mare Classification, the walk, trot and conformation will be evaluated and recorded. 

The Studbook Inspection (by a highly trained and qualified assessor) awards scores from 1 (very bad) to 10 (excellent). The total score is based on the individual scores for the conformation. The following criteria are evaluated:

  • Head
  • Neck
  • Saddle position
  • Frame
  • Forelegs
  • Hind legs

As well as:

  • breed and sex type
  • quality of conformation
  • correctness of gaits
  • impulsion and elasticity (trot)    
  • overall impression and development

The scores for breed and sex type result in the “total score”, which is the average of these scores and rounded up or down to a whole score.

Mare Classification can be completed at a main venue during the annual tour, on your farm, or by video recording.  If your mare is already recorded with another association, the HHSA registration can be considered.

In summary, all foals must be base registered Hanoverian or Rhineland, or have another breed society base registration and qualify to be approved Hanoverian or Rhineland. Then at three years of age or older, all mares to be used for breeding must be inspected and approved into the Hanoverian/Rhineland Mare Books in order for their foals to qualify for Hanoverian registration.

Mare Performance Test

Would you like your mare to take the Mare Performance Test? In the test, the basic gaits under the rider, rideability and free jumping of the mare are evaluated.  Here you can find out everything you need to understand the MPT.

The Mare Performance Tests have a high priority in the Hanoverian Association. The test provides an indication of the mare’s suitability as a riding horse, plus offers valuable information about the bloodline.  The Premium Mare Award is granted to the mares who pass the MPT plus show good conformation and movement at their classification.  The results of the MPT serve as a basis for the breeding value estimation of the Hannoveraner Verband. 

The premium award may also be gained via sporting success in show jumping, dressage or eventing. 

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